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Graduation 2008

OB/GYN Program Director


Kurt A. Ludwig, D.O.



Goals and Philosophies of the Program

    The overall goal of the obstetrics and gynecology program is to enhance the ability of the resident to understand the contingencies of health and illness and the development of a mature concern regarding the quality of patient care.


bullet    The program shall provide the resident with experience in spontaneous vaginal deliveries, episiotomy repair, breech presentations, forceps delivers, and cesarean sections.  The program shall  provide adequate scope and volume of cases to assure that each resident has the opportunity to develop competency to meet generally accepted standards of obstetrical practice. 
bullet    In addition, antenatal exposure should include, but not limited to, a thorough understanding of prenatal risk assessment, gestational dating, fetal growth abnormalities, and embryonic and fetal loss.  Further, experience shall be provided in prenatal diagnose and genetic counseling.  Additionally, experience should be provided in the management of pregnancy complication by hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and other medical complications, RH and other incompatibilities, pregnancy hemorrhage, high risk fetus, fetal monitoring, malpositions , premature labor, multiple births, post-date pregnancy, dystocias, uterine rupture, labor induction and the use oxytocics, prostaglandins, amniocenteses and ultrasound. 
bullet    Ante-partum and postpartum care may be provided either in outpatient clinics of the institution, affiliated institutions or in offices of certified or board eligible obstetricians.
bullet    Didactic lectures, panels and other types of educational programs shall include, but not limited to, the anatomy of female genital tract and functional relationship, endocrinology of menstruation, amenorrhea, endocrinology of pregnancy, management of prenatal complications, anatomy, physiology, and pathology of infertility, problems of human sexuality, vaginitis in pregnancy, early and late abortion, including incompetent internal cervical os, management of septic shock, blood coagulation defects associated with placental abruption, amniotic fluid embolization, clinical evaluation of pelvic architecture, structural problems in pregnancy and application of osteopathic manipulative techniques, sex and marriage counseling and family planning methods and techniques. 


bullet    The program shall provide a surgical experience that will enable the resident to recognize gynecological and related pathology.  The program shall provide adequate scope and volume of cases to assure that each resident had the opportunity to develop surgical competency consistent with the generally accepted standards of gynecological practice. 
bullet    Office gynecology teaching shall include, but not be limited to, biopsy techniques, infertility, diagnostic and therapeutic programs, marsupialization, excision of cysts, cautery conization, dilation and curettage and dilation curettage, local anesthesia such as transvaginal, pudendal and paracervical blocks, techniques in vaginal cytology, uterosalpingograpy and insufflation, vaginitis smear and culture techniques, pelvic infection and menstrual disorders.
bullet    Didactic lectures, panels and other types of educational programs shall include, but not be limited to, principals of reproductive endocrinology, principles of the management of gynecologic oncology, gynecologic surgery and the female patient as a total personality, sphincter mechanisms of urinary bladder, hypogastric artery ligation in uncontrollable hemorrhage, structural problems in the female, principles of body mechanics in relation to pelvic support in women, differential diagnosis and management of chronic pelvic support in females, legal responsibilities in obstetrics and gynecology and other teaching modalities as may be provided by audio visual aids.


bulletWeekly chapter reviews of Ob/Gyn Text's
bulletMonthly Journal Club
bulletMonthly C-Section Reviews
bulletMonthly Pre-Maternal and Maternal Mortality Reviews
bulletMichigan State Wide Campus Monthly Conferences
bulletMonthly Uro-Gyn Conference


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